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There are many severe and life-altering consequences for a person who is charged with a violent crime.

Life after being convicted of a violent crime is even more difficult because a conviction can have far-reaching consequences on employment, housing, and other fundamental needs that most people take for granted. If you have been accused of a violent crime, Rolling Meadows Criminal Defense Attorney and former prosecutor Gbenga Longe knows exactly how to reduce the chance that you will be convicted. She has helped many clients throughout the Rolling Meadows and Chicago area to avoid conviction and, in situations where avoiding conviction was not possible, she has helped her clients to obtain outcomes that minimize the negative effects of their convictions on their present and future lives.


There are a number of violent crimes with which individuals in Illinois may be charged, including the following:

  • Child abuse;
  • Assault and battery;
  • Aggravated assault;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Cruelty to animals;
  • Murder;
  • Manslaughter; and
  • Robbery.

The aforementioned list of violent crimes is not exhaustive and you may find yourself facing charges for a different violent crime. The Longe Law Firm is dedicated to providing a strong defense to anyone who has been charged with any type of violent crime in Illinois.



Violent crimes are punishable by harsh penalties. While there are guidelines for which penalties will be imposed depending on the circumstances of the crime, the actual sentence that is possible depends on the specific facts of the case. The age of the victim and the defendant’s relationship to that person are factors, as are any prior offenses that a person may have committed, the severity of the current offense, and whether the accused has a valid defense to the crime with which he is charged.

People who are convicted of violent crimes face a range of sentences, from a year in jail to life in prison. Even if you are not convicted, accusations and criminal charges can have far-reaching effects on your life. For example, you may encounter difficulty in finding employment and housing, and if you are working towards a career that requires a professional license, you may be unable to obtain the certifications that you need in order to have that career.

When you are charged with a violent crime, there is a lot at stake, including your freedom and your future. Charges or convictions on your criminal record could interfere with your plans and dreams for years to come if the charges are not aggressively defended against from the time they are brought. Rolling Meadows Defense Attorney Gbenga Longe can help you by building a strong defense to the charges and pursuing all avenues of resolution, including a potential dismissal or a reduction of penalties whenever possible. Attorney Longe is dedicated to representing the interests of individuals who have been charged with violent crimes and to working with these individuals to obtain results that reflect their needs and their priorities. Please call our office today to arrange a consultation. Attorney Longe represents clients in the Chicago area including Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, and Schaumburg.


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