Chicago DUI Guide

Chicago DUI Guide

Understanding DUI Charges in Chicago

DUI charges in the Chicago area can bring serious legal implications. It’s not just about the immediate consequences like arrest or fines, but also about the long-term effects on one’s driving record and potential incarceration. Understanding these charges involves recognizing the various scenarios under which one can be charged and the corresponding legal thresholds. This knowledge is vital for anyone navigating the complexities of Illinois DUI laws and can be crucial in forming an effective defense strategy.

The law is even stricter for commercial drivers and those under 21. Beyond BAC (blood alcohol content), DUI charges can also arise from impairment due to drugs or other substances. Being aware of these nuances is crucial. Our experienced team at the Chicago DUI Attorney’s firm  knows how to navigate DUI issues and we will fight for your rights, freedom, and peace of mind.



The Impact of a DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction in Chicago can have far-reaching consequences beyond legal penalties. It can affect one’s career opportunities, especially in professions requiring a clean driving record or security clearance. Additionally, the social stigma attached to a DUI record can impact personal relationships and community standing. Financially, increased insurance rates and potential loss of employment can create long-term economic burdens. Understanding these broader impacts is essential for anyone facing a DUI charge, highlighting the importance of a strong legal defense to mitigate these effects.

Will my license be suspended?

Under Illinois law, a DUI arrest triggers an automatic driver’s license suspension known as “statutory summary suspension,” effective 46 days after the arrest. The suspension duration is 6-12 months for drivers, independent of the criminal case outcome. This applies even to out-of-state licenses. To avoid this suspension, one must request a hearing within 90 days of the arrest and win that hearing in front of a judge. The attorneys on our team can assist you in this process.

What about a first time DUI?

A first-time DUI offense can lead to a number of restrictions, from time in jail to supervision. While under supervision  you must regularly report to a probation officer and adhere to several restrictions, which may affect travel, job changes, and social interactions.

Our team is dedicated to vigorously defending you to avoid a finding of guilt whenever possible and minimize the impact a DUI may have on your life.

What if I failed a field sobriety test?

Don’t assume if you failed a field sobriety test that you are automatically guilty. Field sobriety tests can be unreliable and police often prematurely assume intoxication as the cause for erratic driving, potentially biasing their test administration. Furthermore, breathalyzer results can be challenged based on operator certification and machine condition. 

Many factors can impact how a breathalyzer result affects your case. Having a lawyer who knows these nuances is crucial for a fair case outcome, as they can effectively contest these tests and assumptions in court.

Facing DUI Charges?

We are committed to fighting hard for our clients to avoid the negative impact of a DUI arrest. Our team has a strong track record of effective and aggressive representation of those facing DUI charges. We know how to navigate DUI issues and will carefully examine every part of your case and work to get you the best possible outcome.



Attorney Gbenga Longe brings an excellent record of effective and aggressive representation in the area of DUI defense. 

As a former prosecutor, Gbenga Longe has an extensive background in criminal law and knows how to get results. Throughout her legal career, Gbenga has handled hundreds of DUI and criminal cases in Chicago as well as the surrounding suburbs, and she carries an inside knowledge to winning cases. Gbenga is highly skilled in advocating for her clients and she will carefully analyze her client’s cases to determine the best course of action.

You can learn more about Gbenga and her team here.