DUI Process Information

DUI Process Information

Here is an overview of the DUI process in the state of Illinois and how we can help you navigate it to get the best outcome for your situation.

Here’s a detailed bullet point summary:

  • Field Sobriety and Breathalyzer Tests: Officers conduct these tests during a traffic stop to assess intoxication.
  • Arrest Decision: Based on test results and officer’s assessment, the driver may be arrested.
  • Booking at Police Station: Post-arrest, personal information is collected, and a station breathalyzer test is requested. 
  • 20-Minute Observation Period: Officers observe the driver to ensure accurate breathalyzer results.
  • Warning to Motorist: Officers explain the consequences of submitting or failing to submit to the breathalyzer test.
  • Law Enforcement Sworn Report: A document for initiating license suspension, given to the driver and Secretary of State.
  • Court Arraignment: The first court appearance where charges are read and a plea is entered.
  • Case Review and Pretrial Hearings: Analysis of police reports and evidence, and deciding on the legal strategy of the case. 
  • Trial/ Negotiation Process: Includes preparing the matter for trial or negotiating with prosecutors for the best possible disposition.  

An attorney can be invaluable for guiding you through the DUI process and giving the best chance for a favorable outcome.

Our team offers expertise in interpreting DUI laws, analyzing evidence, and identifying procedural errors. We can adeptly navigate court procedures, from arrest to trial, and can effectively negotiate with prosecutors.



Attorney Gbenga Longe brings an excellent record of effective and aggressive representation in the area of DUI defense. 

As a former prosecutor, Gbenga Longe has an extensive background in criminal law and knows how to get results. Throughout her legal career, Gbenga has handled hundreds of DUI and criminal cases in Chicago as well as the surrounding suburbs, and she carries an inside knowledge to winning cases. Gbenga is highly skilled in advocating for her clients and she will carefully analyze her client’s cases to determine the best course of action.

You can learn more about Gbenga and her team here.