How we can help you beat DUI charges

How we can help you beat DUI charges

Facing DUI charges might feel daunting, but it’s not the end of the world. A skilled attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome. They can meticulously analyze the evidence, challenge procedural errors, negotiate with prosecutors, and present a strong defense in court. Their expertise in navigating the legal system can lead to reduced charges, lesser penalties, or even a dismissal. With the right legal support, you can navigate this challenging situation with greater confidence and hope for a favorable outcome.

Here is some of the ways our team can help you fight your charges aggressively and get the best possible outcome:

  • Examining Evidence: Reviewing police reports and camera footage for inconsistencies or errors that can be leveraged in your defense.
  • License Suspension Appeals: Advising on and contesting automatic license suspensions following a DUI arrest.
  • Understanding Legal Standards: Interpreting relevant legal guidelines and applying them to your case for a robust defense strategy.
  • Negotiating Plea Deals: Skilled in negotiation to potentially reduce charges or penalties.

Trial Preparation: Effectively preparing and managing courtroom strategies, including expert witness testimony.



Attorney Gbenga Longe brings an excellent record of effective and aggressive representation in the area of DUI defense. 

As a former prosecutor, Gbenga Longe has an extensive background in criminal law and knows how to get results. Throughout her legal career, Gbenga has handled hundreds of DUI and criminal cases in Chicago as well as the surrounding suburbs, and she carries an inside knowledge to winning cases. Gbenga is highly skilled in advocating for her clients and she will carefully analyze her client’s cases to determine the best course of action.

You can learn more about Gbenga and her team here.